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Carlyn Menser was serving the peninsula in residential and commercial real estate and discovered there was a huge need for a better way for real estate agents, homeowners and business owners to exceptionally display their assets. Whether selling, leasing or inviting customers into their space there was a need for cost efficient staging and design with local scheduling and fast turn around. 

Karrianne has spent the last 14 years working in the creative community in multiple different capacities including interior design, furniture design and purchasing, real estate home staging, decorating and planning for large events including weddings, showers, rehearsal dinners, benefit galas, and more. They connected and designed a strategic system to serve the peninsula in all aspects of staging and design. Karrianne has great vision and will make you space photo-ready and sure to sell.

With exceptional services for both vacant and occupied homes, Anchor Staging & Design will showcase the amazing features your home has to offer and enable potential buyers to “mentally move in.” Our goal and the purpose of home staging is to depersonalize your home to appeal to the maximum number of buyers.

Home staging is not about the homeowner’s style or decor. Home staging is about creating a aesthetic that appeals to buyers, with design elements specific to each space so that buyers will fall in love with the home. Home staging is all about emphasizing the positive qualities of each home and creating appeal for home buyers so they “feel at home” when they walk through your door.




Vacant Home Staging

Anchor Staging & Design is dedicated to making sure your potential buyers will be “wowed”, putting more money in your pocket. We offer competitive pricing and we use our own strategically designed inventory.


DIY Home Staging

60 Minute consultation where we walk through your residence with you, providing ideas and suggestions that will help get your home “show” ready.


Design Services

Residential or Commercial: 60 Minute consulation where we will visit you in the space that you are seeking to transform, spend time getting to know you and your family or your business, get ideas of your style, and what elements are needed to function.





Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

We can't wait to get started on your staging and design needs.


Anchor Staging & Design

757-525-3639 Ext. 4

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